Revitalizing main street businesses by focusing on people first.

At third, we’re building a family of brands that share a purpose and passion.

Our Values

The family of brands under Third are all committed and driven by the same values. People, experiences and development all drive the mission of each one of our companies.


People are at the heart of every business. In business, there’s nothing more important than prioritizing the ones who make your brand special.


On an average day, a person will have meaningful interactions with 12 different people. Why not create a lasting impact with each one of those interactions?


The best way to support a team is by providing the right resources for their personal development, whether through our accelerator programs, online courses or training curriculums.

Our Brands

Ryan Vet

about the founder

Ryan Vet is an entrepreneur that has redirected his success towards inspiring others to thrive and meet their maximum potential. He helps catalyze extraordinary experiences for leaders and the teams they inspire, for brands and the customers they serve, for entrepreneurs and the worlds they envision.